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Our Core Competencies

Artificial Intelligence

Classic Machine Learning to bring new form of intelligence to the applications. Natural Language Processing to revolutionize the user interaction to a new form.

Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain Professional Services including Infrastructure Build & Operation, Smart Contract & dAPP Development. Cryptocurrency Asset Management, Analysis & Consulting.

Localization & I18n

Bringing the products and services to the world stage beyond translating text from one to another. It is an end to end process involving multimedia, application, publishing and test.


Our Highlight Projects

TradesBlock Mobile App

Home Reno Services Marketplace

Homes51 App

Home Improvement Referral Network

AskChamp Bot

Home Service Chatbot

Nessie Assistant

Salon & Barber Shop Virtual Assistant

MMF Smart Speaker App

Store front assistant on Amazon Alexa

Merkley Mobile Wallet

Cryptocurrency mobile wallet and dApp store

EOS Blockchain

Blockchain Community Building Project

Crypto Trade

Cryptocurrency Asset Management Platform

Source Code Capital

Venture Capital Localization

Home Link

Real Estate Rental Marketplace Localization

Hyphen Education

Education Industry Localization


Real Estate Rental Marketplace Localization


Our Journey

  • 2015

    Where it all begins

    QuestFlex Inc. was incorporated in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • 2015

    Hybrid Mobile Apps

    TradesBlock: Mobile Marketplace for home renovation and repair. Homes51: Mobile Marketplace in Australia in the same vertical.

  • 2016

    Artificial Intelligence

    Natural Language Processing in Chatbots and Smart Speaker Applications. Classic Machine Learning for data analytics and predictions.

  • 2017

    Blockchain & Crypto

    Blockchain Infrastructure, Smart Contract & dAPP Development. Cryptocurrency Algorithm Trading, and Asset Management

  • 2018

    Localization and I18n

    Tech driven localization in multimedia, application, publishing & test. Capable of 22 languages to serve clients of Fortune 500 companies.

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Our Brain Powers


Leader, Builder, Serial Entrepreneur


Infrastructure, FinTech, IT Veteran


Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Scientist


Sales, Business, Account Manager


Marketing, Social Media, People Person


Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing


Financial, Operation, Full-Stack Engineer


Algorithm, Robo-Advisory, Economist


Community, Business, and Operations Advisor


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We are in the centre of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia

  •   Suite 1110, 1111 Melville St,
  •         Vancouver, BC V6E 3V6
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