AI is taking over the world Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning changed the way how we ask the computer to achieve the goal. Instead of instructing the machine to perform the task in a rule and logic basis, now engineers develop algorithms and data models to train machine to observe, learn, predict, and improve on the subject matter.

Natural Language Processing is one subdomain of Artificial Intelligence that had a huge leap forward, thanks for the ever increasing computing power and deep learning. Now it is much easier to utilize natural language processing to free up hands of consumers and switch to a new way of interacting with the users, by naturally talking.

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Analytics and Algorithms

  • Data Mining: Supervised vs unsupervised, regression or classification. Let's dig out the gold from your data mine.
  • Time Series: LTSM and etc. This is the very brain powering our crypto asset management system with algo trading.
  • Deep Learning: The defacto is Tensorflow. Thanks for Keras to seamlessly support CNTK and Theano too!

Chatbots and Smart Speaker Apps

  • Chatbots: Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Slack, or Telegram? Thrilled by the power of connecting to end users without even asking them to download an extra app!
  • Smart Speaker Apps: Google Home or Amazon Alexa, Now we are really talking!

Case Studies

Our Highlight Projects

AskChamp Bot

Home Service Chatbot

Nessie Assistant

Salon & Barber Shop Virtual Assistant

MMF Smart Speaker App

Store front assistant on Amazon Alexa

Crypto Trade

Cryptocurrency Asset Management Platform

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