The Global Market Awaits Localization and I18n

The reason why companies look for localization services is mainly for international expansion purposes. Large multinational companies have an average of 7 different markets and 7 different languages to communicate to, which requires proper localization. Translating isn’t enough, as 94% of these multinational companies increased their spending on localization as plans to expand in new markets unfold.

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Emerging Technologies

Localization of the leading emerging technologies that change the way we interact with our devices and with each other, including wearable technologies, voice-enabled devices, multilingual chatbots, and AI-powered technology.


Taking care of e-Learning Localization, Foreign Language Transcription and Video Subtitling needs. Our team will ensure your content – whether your focus is eLearning or Video – is localized, linguistically correct, culturally appropriate, and that it fits within the context.

Software and Applications

Software Localization drastically increases the global reach of your product or service. With our localization technology and expertise in Digital and Print Translation, we will enable your organization to support and excel in local as well as global marketing efforts.

Website and Digital Publication

Your content is often a customer’s first impression of your brand: we help you make that experience memorable with our localization services. We will ensure it fits the cultural needs of each new market, and to ensure it is ready for your global audience.

Field Test

Testing your localized product is an integral step; whether it is for web, mobile or software. Our Localization Testing team performs functional, linguistic and cosmetic validation to test your product inside out, discover problematics, and fine-tune your content to best suit the end user’s needs.


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Real Estate Rental Marketplace Localization

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